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Anonymous E-Mail Service:

* Neither your I.P. address or non Privacy Offshore server information appears in your pop3/smtp e-mail account (no mailbox size limit) which is included with your subscription, only the standard from our server shows, with our I.P. address

* Both our pop/smtp and web based e-mail accounts have anti-virus, anti-trojan and spyware protection. We still recommend clients use their own anti-virus programs as well

* Our anonymous e-mail service is located offshore in Holland, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Malaysia and our other jurisdictions

* AES-2 SSL encryption protects all e-mail communication between you and our servers so not even your I.S.P., or anyone else can see what your doing

* One SSL anonymous web mail interface account on our servers is included with your subscription

* Unlimited e-mail forwarding addresses under privacyoffshore or privacyeurope are included with your Privacy Offshore web mail account

Privacy Offshore Makes ALL Free E-Mail & News Services Anonymous

* Anonymous free secure e-mail (your real I.P. doesn't appear in the e-mail)

* Open a free web based news account and be anonymous while using our services. Your real I.P. can't be logged when signing in or posting to usenet, only ours shows and since all our customers are assigned the same I.P. on the server they are using, anything they do while on the net through us is anonymous

* You are anonymous when you go through our tunnels for ALL of your internet activity as long as any account you put through our tunnels has been signed up for anonymously through a quality proxy

Anonymous Premium Usenet (News) Sign-Up Available!

You can sign up anonymously for newshosting.com a first class news provider through our contact resources and experience the very best of what usenet has to offer!

* You Get: ALL of the active newsgroups, port 119 enabled, you can also run an additional SSL encryption through your tunnel to the news server

* We have over 23 Tb of space on our spool and growing, up to 60 connections available

* 5,000,000 + pictures

* 100,000 + video's for your enjoyment

* 250,000 + mp3's

* Excellent retention! Currently 650 days for binaries and 2 years for text.  Very soon to be the largest spool on the Net!

* We have more bandwidth!  Multiple gigE connections to redundant backbones are currently operating

* As long as you connect to news groups through us, your anonymity is protected

**E-mail us for pricing details now!