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By Private Arrangement, Privacy Offshore is pleased to introduce and offer Offshore High Security E-Mail!

E-Mail has been described by many as a dead-box-technology.  When you send a message to someone, it remains recorded and stored on the receiving server accessible to anyone who controls the server, even hackers if they penetrate the server.  This situation remains unchanged until you download (and erase) the e-mail from the server.

That's now all been changed.  With our Offshore High Security E-Mail, your e-mails and files are stored on realtime encrypted hard drives until you download them to your computer via an encrypted (SSL-256) connection.  Your secure e-mail account is accessible with your credentials that are not stored on the server (customer creates and can change all passwords), anyone trying to hack or take the server will only find an encrypted hard drive.

Key Benefits:

* Realtime Encrypted Drives For Storage

* PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is built in

* Send and receive completely encrypted e-mails

* Upload Files

* Your I.P., isn't visible while sending e-mail, the headers show the I.P. of the server you use

* SSL/TLS POP 3/SMTP/IMAP, mail protocols are supported

* SSL Webmail Style, but ours is fully secured

* 125 MB Storage, with more available if needed

* Instant and reliable transmission of your messages without delay.  This is a paid service and not crowded

* Various counties are available for your server location

* No Logs are kept on any of your activities

* No Back-Ups of your data are kept

* No active scripting is required to use this service (Java, Active X and Javascript can all be disabled)

* You can even check all your 3rd party e-mails and safely and securely store them on your encrypted e-mail account


We offer High Security E-Mail on our servers in: Holland, Hong Kong, Czech Republic and Malaysia

The cost for Offshore High Security E-Mail on any one of the servers is only 70 EUR for one full year!

Contact Us Via Our Contact Page, Anonymous Sign-Up Available